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PITCS In Joint Venture With Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration Provides end to end services for this field. It Ranjies from all electronic & analog Calibration to inspection of instruments and their testing .We Provide a one stop shop for all testing & Calibration solution.

About Unitech

Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration is NABL – Govt. of India, Department of Science and Technology Approved Calibration Laboratory vide certificate No. C-1220 and maintaining good reputation in the Factory Audits, Testing & Calibration industry. We provides specialized technical service in all major fields of science & Engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, chemical, fluid flow & Thermal under testing facilities and Physical Testing, Temperature, Electronic, Production Equipment and all types of Measurement and Test Equipment under calibration facilities. Our range of services include Independent Inspection, Pre Dispatch Inspection, Third Party Inspection and Consultancy of Lab Setup, documentation evaluation for NABL/BIS/ISO Certification.

Testing & Calibration Services


With High Accuracy

No matter which calibration service option you choose, when you calibrate with Uni-Tech, you can expect prompt and responsive service including seven-business-day turnaround on most instruments.

Types of Dimensional Equipments we Calibrate

  1. Micrometers: (Analogue and Digital) External, Internal, Depth, Height and Length setting gauges
  2. Vernier Gauges: (Analogue and Digital) Calipers, Depth and Height
  3. Plain and Threaded Plug and Ring gauges: Parallel and Tapered
  4. Rules: Engineers Steel Tapes, Rules and Circumference (Pi) Tapes
  5. Angle Instruments: Protractors and Combination sets,
  6. Squares: Engineers and Cylindrical squares
  7. Indicators: Electronic, Digital and Dial Type Indicators (Lever and Plunger)
  8. Straight Edges: Engineers, Ruled, Specials
  9. Jigs and Tools: Wheel plate gauges, Engineering Parts etc.
  10. Gauge Blocks
  11. Angle and Box Angle Plates
  12. Engineers Parallels
  13. Feeler Gauges
  14. Measuring Pins
  15. Electronic,Digital and Mechanical Height Gauges
  16. Snap Gauges
Types of Pressure Equipments we Calibrate
  1. Digital and Dial Type Gas Pressure Gauges
  2. Digital and Dial Type Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  3. Electronic Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transducers
  4. Barometric Pressure Gauges
  5. Pressure Calibrators
  6. Pressure Controllers
Types of Temperature Equipment we Calibrate
  1. Temperature Probes: Thermocouples and RTD
  2. Mercury and Alcohol Thermometers
  3. Autoclaves
  4. Ovens
  5. Water Baths
  6. Humidity Chambers
Types of Force Equipments we Calibrate
  1. Calibration Weights, Measuring Weights
  1. Hanging Scales, Analogue/Digital Precision Balances
Force Gauges
  1. Digital Tension/Compression Force Gauges, Load Cells
Types of Electrical Equipment we Calibrate in both Source & Measure Mode
  1. AC/ DC Voltage
  2. AC/ DC Current
  3. Resistance (2 Wire & 4 Wire
  4. Capacitance
  5. AC/ DC Powers
  6. Power Factor
  7. AC Energy- Energy Meters, Single Phase & Three Phase
  8. Frequency
  9. Stop Watches/ Time Counters


With Effectiveness

Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration provides Inspection service to industries/manufacturers in all major fields of science & Engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and chemical.Our range of services include Independent Inspection, Pre Dispatch Inspection, Third Party Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection etc.

Type of industries/manufacturers we provide Inspection services
  1. Agriculture Implements
  2. T.M.T Bar, Billet
  3. Ingot, Steel tube
  4. Submersible Pumps
  5. Mono-block Pumps
  6. Immersion Water Heaters
  7. Concrete Spun Pipes(R.C.C)
  8. Gas Stoves
  9. Pressure Cookers
  10. Helmet
  11. Deep Well Hand Pumps
  12. Suction apparatus
  13. Irrigation Sprinkler Pipes
  14. H.D.P.E pipe, U.P.V.C pipe
  15. over head tank
  16. C.I.D joints
  17. A.C pressure pipes
  18. window/section
  19. hydraulic door closer
  20. butt hinges
  21. concrete blocks for pavement
  22. plaster of Paris
  23. Cement, Asbestos cement sheets
  24. stone glazed pipes
  25. Wood products
  26. valves, pipe fittings
  27. Package Drinking Water(PDW)
  28. Cattle Feed
  29. Biscuits
  30. Milk products
  31. Pesticides
  32. Rubber
  33. Sanitary Ware etc.


With High Accuracy

We offer independent, efficient, and cost-effective testing services that will expedite your market entry and reduce your business risk.
We provide independent, responsive, and cost-effective testing services that help shorten your time-to-market, reduce risk, and enhance product value in the marketplace. Our testing expertise includes troubleshooting, safety, quality control, research and development, design engineering and evaluation, prototype testing and validation, and product benchmark testing.

Our Services include:
  1. Analytical Laboratories
  2. Analytical Laboratories
  3. Sand/Fine Aggregate/Coarse Aggregate Testing
  4. Water Testing
  5. All Type of Cements Testing(OPC,PPC,White cement etc.)
  6. Steel Testing
  7. Automotive Testing Services
  8. Chemical Testing
  9. Energy Efficiency Testing
  10. Food Testing
  11. Furniture Testing
  12. Materials Analysis and Testing
  13. Packaging Testing
  14. Performance Testing
  15. Product Safety Testing
  16. Textile Testing

With expert knowledge we analyze different client products and materials every day. Our Engineers, Chemists, and Technologists are highly qualified professionals with years of industry experience. They use expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide a full range of quality, product safety, materials and research analysis and testing services. Tests can be performed on a product, product lines, prototype creations and services either in our laboratories, in the field, or in our clients' own manufacturing facilities.
Uni-Tech Testing & Calibration can help you achieve requisite regulatory and legal compliance, identify where hazards are likely to occur, determine where corrective actions should be taken, and continue monitoring your global supply chain for safety, quality and performance compliance. We are here for all your global testing needs.